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Car Accidents and Back Injuries

The back consists of muscles, bones, and tissues connected to the spinal cord, extending from your neck down to your pelvic bones. Injuries to the back are common and can result from trauma, or everyday, repetitive behavior.

The lower back is most often damaged, whether from sprains, strains, herniated discs, or fractures. Back injuries limit your range of motion and can cause excruciating pain. Some home remedies can help with back pain, such as OTC pain relief, ice or cold compresses, bed rest, and physician-recommended exercises.

However, one of the major contributors to back injury statistics is car accidents.

Injury Due to Car Accident

Back injuries are common after a car accident, although they are sometimes difficult to link to the incident. Your insurance company must recognize the injury as a result of the accident so that your medical expenses are covered now and into the future. The burden of proof is on you to provide adequate evidence regarding the seriousness of your back injury, as well as how and when it happened.

Unfortunately, insurance companies often look for ways to justify paying you as little as possible. Because of this, they may try to claim that your back injury was pre-existing; that is, that the accident was not actually the cause of your pain. If they can prove that the back injury was not a result of the accident, they do not have to pay for expenses and treatment. Therefore providing the necessary documentation from a medical professional is an important part of a successful claim,

However, there is a situation in which you can receive compensation even if you had a pre-existing back condition. If your condition was worsened or aggravated by the accident, the insurance company should pay your medical or chiropractic costs. Again, the burden is on you to show that the accident caused increased pain or worsening symptoms.

Hint: If you were examined by on-scene paramedics or brought into the hospital for an initial consultation, ask for and keep all records and notes. Visit a chiropractor as soon as possible after the accident. Any damage to your spine or spinal column can be documented for a later claim or even lawsuit.

If you are a patient at a chiropractic clinic for regular treatments, the records will help you to establish the condition of your back prior to the accident. Your chiropractor can then provide the insurance company with the documentation they need to prove the new injuries caused by the accident.

Common back injuries associated with car accidents include:

Whiplash – Although most often considered a neck injury, the cervical spine (the uppermost part of the spine) is also often significantly affected by a case of whiplash.

Spinal Cord Injury – When the spinal cord is damaged, numerous symptoms may manifest. These symptoms may include nerve damage, muscle weakness, numbness, breathing issues, paralysis, and bodily function control loss.

Herniated discs – Discs act as cushions between the spinal vertebrae. When the back is healthy, these cushions prohibit the bones from rubbing against each other. When the protective discs are moved or torn, they become herniated – causing spinal nerve damage.

At West Coast Wellness, we specialize in helping people recover from car accident injuries, whether to the back, neck, or spine. Our team of medical professionals utilizes the latest in chiropractic technique to holistically and naturally treat your back injury, no matter the cause.

Call us today, and begin the road back to a life without pain.

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