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As an Auto Injury Clinic, we help people of all ages overcome injuries caused by car accidents and other injuries, get out of pain and return to their jobs, their sports, their hobbies and their lives.
At West Coast Wellness, you’ll find the latest state-of-the-art equipment and therapy that can fix your pain fast. If your condition is caused by inflammation, back pain or injury, we can help. Dr. Daniel Barr runs our auto injury clinic and is an an auto injury doctor and has dedicated his career to eliminating pain for his patients. He provides chiropractic and medical treatment for relief from accident pain including whiplash, herniated discs, shoulder injuries, sciatica and headaches.

Dr. Barr wants to help you overcome chronic pain syndrome as well as the pain caused by car accident injuries. See if he has the solution to your pain problem.

Office Overview

West Coast Wellness has been serving patients in Sarasota and charlotte counties looking for help with many different conditions. Many people suffering injuries after a car accident don’t know what to do or what doctors to see when they find out many primary care doctors don’t treat accident injuries. Dr Daniel Barr , doctor of chiropractic medicine has treated over 10 thousand patients with auto injuries ranging from headaches,neckpain,back pain, whiplash, shoulder pain, elbow pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, hip and knee pain over 37 years. The office has many health professionals including medical doctors, therapist, nurse practitioners and chiropractors. 

Dr Barr has extensive post graduate training in trauma, MRI interpretation , accident reconstruction and accident rehabilitation . At West Coast wellness we also have the most state of the art clinic with a digital radiology department, class 4 laser therapy, electroanalgesic horizonal therapy, storz shockwave therapy, vibration rehab and massage. The staff is fully trained in all aspects of personal injury and can answer any questions about the paper work , insurance claim and legal concerns. Dr Barr is qualified to offer professional opinions to most insurance carriers and has worked with most of the law firms from large ones like Morgan and Morgan, Dennis Hernandez ,Dolman, Reynolds to Pardy,Pendas and Jodat.We have many cutting edge programs for stubborn chronic conditions many other facilities have no answers for. We have a very distinct regenerative program to reverse neuropathy . We have many seeing great results with degenerative joints using their own blood with PRP therapy. We also have as part of our wellness center advanced therapies for mens health. Please check our office out for general chiropractic needs to second opinions for chronic conditions that no one has helped you with. Dr Barr believes no one should live in pain without answers in 2021.

Learn More About Our Walk-In Auto Accident Clinic

To learn more about pain relief from a “best chiropractor near me” after an accident, call West Coast Wellness walk-in auto injury clinic at 941-429-0070 for immediate medical care. In Sarasota call 941-210-3969 We welcome patients from North Port, Sarasota, Punta Gorda, Venice, Port Charlotte, Englewood and nearby locations.
West Coast Wellness has the latest state of the art equipment to fix your pain fast. See if Dr. Barr has the answer to your pain condition. If your condition is caused by inflammation, pain or rheumatoid arthritis, we can help. If the answers to your questions aren’t found on our website don’t hesitate to call 941-429-0070 and get your question answered.