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5 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents are among the most common causes of injury in Florida.  We are heavily populated, with busy highways and overloaded city streets that only become more crowded during the winter months. Due to the COVID situation in many states, realtors are reporting that we are seeing a non-stop influx of new people as well – only adding to the likelihood of accidents on the road.

Unlike the visible damage to your car, the damage done to the human body after a traumatic impact is not necessarily immediately evident.

5 Most Common Injuries from Automobile Accidents

Car collisions involve  significant force being applied very rapidly and unexpectedly. The human inside the car is often forced into damaging positions, breaking bones and causing the body to bend and twist in ways it was never designed to do.  Here are the most common injuries to keep an eye out for:

1. Contusions: You may think that your car accident was too minor to cause any damage. But suddenly being thrown against a seat belt, or your hand bracing against the dashboard can cause contusions or bruising. These are rarely serious, and typically fade after several days. If you have a bruise that seems to linger too long, is growing in size, or is causing pain, you may wish to consult a doctor.

2. Broken Bones : The impact of a collision can cause extreme stress to your skeleton, and it may not be able to absorb the impact. Broken bones, such as broken wrists and broken ribs, are very common injuries after a car accident but are typically non-life threatening.  Depending on the type of break, you may require surgery, casts and settings – and plenty of rest – in order to recover.

3. Whiplash/Neck and Back Injuries: When a car accident occurs, your body often moves in unexpected directions at dangerous speeds. This  can cause pain and discomfort in your neck, most often diagnosed as whiplash. The strains to your muscles and ligaments are painful and can take weeks to overcome. The force of the collision may also causeherniations or ruptures of the discs in your spine. These injuries are far more serious than any of the others we have discussed, and can significantly impact your quality of life. These injuries may not be permanent, but will require time and attention to heal properly.  A chiropractor is a strong ally when fixing the damage dome to your neck.

4. Head Injuries and Concussions:  Depending on the speed and force of impact, your head may hit part of the interior of your car. You may think at first that you have only a bump or bruise, but afterwards may begin to experience headaches, blurred vision, even memory loss. Prompt treatment for any head injury, even if you don’t think it seems serious at the time, is very important.  Traumatic brain injuries can occur, and these can have permanent and life-altering effects. Recovery from TBIs is possible to a degree, but you may experience loss of focus and memory, uncontrollable emotions, or mobility issues for life.

5. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) : 
Our minds and bodies are designed to absorb a certain amount of shock, but the severe stress which can occur due to a car accident can affect both long-term. PTSD can cause lingering fear, aversion to certain activities, sounds or situations, sleep issues and nightmares, and in serious cases may cause a complete refusal to drive again.

At West Coast Wellness, we specialize in helping car accident victims return to normal life. If you have suffered a neck or back injury, or are struggling to regain range of motion after a broken bone – give us a call. There is often  no reason for you to live in pain – we will work on realigning your body, allowing it to return to its most optimal performance.

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