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Attorney Referral Services

There are a few Attorney doctor checking the timeReferral Services in the area but is it a good idea to use them? At West Coast Wellness we know ALL the personal injury attorneys and although we are not an Attorney Referral Service we can help guide you. We will give you an honest opinion of attorneys that would be great for your injury. Did you know that most of the noisy attorneys, you know the ones that are plastered all over the radio, TV, bus stops, etc., well a lot of them don’t actually go to trial that often. That means they go for the quick settlements and that means smaller settlements. After all, they do have huge expenses to pay for all that advertising, so a large volume of quick settlements adds up. The bigger settlements come from the quality attorneys who take cases to court. Yes, it takes more time than the quick smaller settlements but the settlement is much better. In fact, one of the attorneys we work with has the largest settlement in Sarasota history! 19,200,000.00! FYI – They were not one of those noisy lawyers.

Should You Use An Attorney Referral Service?

The challenge with working with an Attorney Referral Service is that they send you to their own clinics. They also send you to their Attorneys on their list of referrals. Contrary to whats advertised about their qualified Attorneys, their only qualifications are that they pay to be on that list. That means any attorney can get on the referral list based on the money they pay to be there – not their success in court or working with insurance companies. And the Attorney Referral Services spend a lot of money on ads, TV, Radio, news paper, bus stops, etc., so they have big expenses that need to be paid each month as well.

A Better Alternative

At West Coast Wellness, we have worked with, and personally know the best personal injury attorneys in southwest Florida and have great relationships with them. We work with the best of the best and not because they paid to be on a list, but because that aren’t afraid to take cases to court. We know which attorneys do better for specific injuries. We know which attorneys not to go to for specific types of injuries. Although we are not an Attorney Referral Service – we can help you in your decision making process and you will be confident that you made the best decision for your injury.

Need a Great Personal Injury Attorney?

You only have 14 days to seek medical care if you suffered any injuries in an auto accident, or you run the risk of your insurance company denying your claim. Your first stop should be to West Coast Wellness to make sure you fully understand what kind of injuries you suffered. That way you decide which personal attorney you should hire to pursue your case.

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West Coast Wellness is not an attorney referral agency but they are the highest rated personal injury doctor and clinic on Google! Dr Barr knows and has worked with all the best personal injury lawyers in both Sarasota and Charlotte County. He know which lawyers go to trial and which ones don’t. Depending on the injuries you have suffered will depend on which kind of attorney you will need.

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Dr. Barr can answer any questions you might have about your injuries and how the process works. This is why it’s better to go to West Coast Wellness as soon as you are involved in an accident.