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Treating Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation is not harmful in and of itself. It is the typical response of a body trying to protect itself from irritants and pathogens and begin to heal.

However, chronic inflammation can result in severe consequences. It occurs when more inflammation is created in the body as a response to the inflammation which already exists. The body traps itself in a very unhealthy cycle, whereby the inflammatory response never stops, and the body starts to attack healthy tissue. Chronic inflammation is a hot topic in the health industry, as it is the culprit behind some of our most dangerous health conditions.

The immune system develops in response to exposure to the surrounding environment. The more stressors which the immune system conquers, the stronger it becomes. When we take too many antibiotics to battle allergens and irritants, our immunity loses its ability to fight for itself.

Chronic inflammation is caused by an imbalance in a weakened or compromised immune system. There are foods and lifestyle choices that will maximize the risk of chronic inflammation, such as not getting enough sleep, experiencing constant or excessive stress, or eating a carbohydrate-rich diet.

Chronic inflammation can also occur when the sub-par immune system mistakes healthy tissue for unhealthy pathogens.

People are rarely diagnosed with “chronic inflammation.” Instead, they may learn that they have rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, or multiple sclerosis. Other conditions that are associated with chronic inflammation include allergies and asthma, congestion, high blood pressure, indigestion, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, pain and stiffness in the joints, shortness of breath, and unexplained weight gain.

To the average observer, chiropractic care would have very little to do with treating these conditions. What does the immune system have to do with your chiropractor?

Your chiropractor is a powerful ally in the battle against chronic inflammation. As with most illness and injury, a chiropractor takes a very different approach when healing chronic inflammation than a medical physician. Instead of masking symptoms and easing pain with painkillers, a chiropractor allows the body to perform at optimum levels in the way it was designed to operate.

Experts agree that adjustments assist in minimizing the production of two inflammatory substances, thus reducing inflammation throughout the entire body. In addition to the positive effects of spinal adjustments, lifestyle changes can have a positive impact on reducing the inflammation naturally.

Your chiropractor will not prescribe medications but instead looks at holistic solutions to your pain. They will provide recommendations regarding a nutritious diet, as well as supplements such as Vitamin D and magnesium, which will help provide relief. When the body gets healthier, over time, it begins to build the immune system and will develop the ability to fight back.

If you have been living a life dealing with pain and inflammation – and are tired of drugs which allow you to maintain and survive, but not thrive – call West Coast Wellness today. We will consult with you as to the best course of treatment to get your inflammation under control and your body back to wellness.  

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