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What Is Range of Motion?

A chiropractic visit is useful for more than just immediate pain relief. When incorporated into your health regimen, chiropractic care emphasizes long-term and sustainable holistic health. Spine alignment and posture health contribute to overall foundational wellness.

There are some instances when calling a chiropractor is an easy decision. When you are in neck or back pain, you want to feel better as soon as possible. After a car accident, it is smart to check to see if your spine is still in alignment. However, you may not associate chiropractic care to experiencing a problem with your range of motion.

What is Range of Motion?

The term “range of motion” is used to measure the flexibility of a patient’s arms, legs, or torso. Not having full range of motion due to pain or injury can affect an individual’s ability to perform everyday tasks and stay balanced.

When a patient presents with acute or chronic injury – such as a slipped disc or sciatic nerve pain – the chiropractor is likely to suggest range of motion exercises. These exercises help restore mobility, flexibility, and strength, which in turn contribute to overall long-term health and wellness.

What is Corrective Chiropractic?

The term corrective chiropractic refers to the incremental restoration of spinal integrity, maintaining balance throughout your system. Through a series of adjustments, the patient’s range of motion is likewise restored. The phases of treatment may include:

  • Correcting spinal imbalance
  • Establishing spinal stability
  • Regaining mobility
  • Reestablishing full range of motion
  • Developing strength
  • Assessing improvement and progress

Achieving a full range of motion will support overall longterm spinal stability. Because each area of the spine is associated with a particular part of the body, your chiropractor can pinpoint where adjustment is needed based upon the specific problem you are experiencing. So whether you can’t turn your neck to one side, or you cannot lift your arm – a spinal adjustment (or series of spinal adjustments) will alleviate the issue.

Ongoing chiropractic care is beneficial for continued spinal health after a patient’s range of motion has been restored. To maintain their range of motion, patients can employ strength exercises, stretches, and postural changes. Other lifestyle changes – such as avoiding sitting for long periods- can help a patient to protect and maximize their flexibility and range of motion.   

Chiropractors understand the relationship between spinal health and proper range of motion. Range of motion issues are often the primary indicators of a problem, allowing the chiropractor to fix spinal misalignment and provide relief.

If you are experiencing problems with your range of motion, pain in a specific part of your body, or numbness and tingling in extremities – the chances are excellent that your spine needs attention. Instead of taking a daily regimen of OTC pain medication or suffering in silence, call West Coast Wellness today. After diagnosing your problem, we will begin a series of adjustments to restore your spine, alleviate the pain, and get your life back to normal. If you live in the North Port area, we are here to help. Call today for your consultation.

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