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The Benefits of Heat Therapy After An Accident

Immediately following a car accident, you may not feel any pain. The adrenaline which kicks in “tricks” the body, which is why many people refuse medical assistance on the scene. However, it is not uncommon for those involved in an accident to feel stiffness and sore muscles in the days following the incident. These uncomfortable symptoms should not be ignored, as they are a signal from your body that it has suffered some trauma. In addition to calling a chiropractor to assess the health of your spine, you may wish to consider heat therapy.

Thermotherapy utilizes heat to increase blood flow, which will help to alleviate the pain and discomfort you are experiencing. 

One of the pervasive effects of a car accident is feeling “sore all over.” Because the adrenaline initially blocks the feelings of tenseness and exertion on your muscles, once the adrenaline subsides, your body lets you know how it feels. Heat therapy encourages your tense muscles to relax and to ease muscle spasms if they exist. Many people who are looking for pain relief without utilizing pharmaceuticals are likely to find this an effective treatment method.

When areas of the body have been injured from an auto accident, the increased blood flow from thermotherapy is directed to body parts that need to be healed. Not only will it relieve symptoms temporarily, but it will accelerate overall healing.

One of the best analogies to how you feel after an auto accident may be the way you feel after an intense workout. The achiness and soreness can be significant, and the stiffness you feel may adversely affect your daily life. Even though heat therapy can provide comfort,  any lack of mobility should not be dismissed lightly. Immediately call a chiropractor to rule out any traumatic injuries to your spine, neck, back, or nervous system.

There are many moist heat packs available on the market to treat pain and discomfort. Heat gel packs and plug-in heating pads are also easily accessed. These products relax tense muscles, reduce soreness, speed up the healing process, and alleviate feelings of stiffness.

Heat vs. Ice

At this point, you may be wondering about the usage of cold press treatments versus heat therapy.

When the body is injured, swelling and inflammation is the initial response. Applying ice within the first hours of an acute injury will result in the contraction of blood vessels, which will, in turn, reduce swelling. Once the inflammation has calmed down, apply heat to the injured area. The increase in blood flow provides nutrition and oxygen to the area, as well as providing muscle relaxation.

Why Does Chiropractic Care Work?

Chiropractors focus on the musculoskeletal system. By manipulating the spine, they can relieve tension and help muscles to relax – which will, in turn, alleviate pain and bring down inflammation.

Each individual is unique. The best way to understand your injury and to relieve pain is to schedule an appointment with your chiropractor. He or she can help to identify any injuries which your body may have suffered. Chiropractors treat the injury not with drugs that mask the symptoms, but with treatment that heals the body.

West Coast Wellness believes in the power of non-pharmaceutical, holistic treatments to achieve the best results for our patients. If you have been in a recent car accident and are experiencing soreness, stiffness or pain, you may wish to apply heat therapy. But don’t delay in giving us a call for professional assessment and treatment. 

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