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Irritability After a Car Accident

Many people experience irritability after an automobile accident. A car accident is a traumatic event which often results in physical injuries. There is often, however, a significant emotional and mental impact from involvement in automobile accidents that may be undetected but life changing. Hidden injuries that result from car accidents may be far more difficult to diagnose, but nonetheless require proper treatment. Therefore, after an automobile accident, it is just as important to recognize the symptoms of emotional trauma as it is to assess physical injuries.
A brain injury caused by trauma to the head can contribute to irritability after an automobile accident. Commonly, it is difficult to diagnose a brain injury immediately after an auto accident. A brain injury, whether mild or severe, is not always readily apparent. Certain brain injuries may initially be undiagnosed, especially where an individual is able to appropriately respond to questions and converse after an accident. Nevertheless, injuries resulting in mild trauma can greatly disrupt the brain’s normal functions. Irritability after an automobile accident that seemingly comes out of nowhere can indicate the presence of a brain injury. Accordingly, sudden irritability after an automobile accident is a symptom that should not be ignored.
Individuals who suffer from mild traumatic brain injuries commonly report a wide range of symptoms, including irritability. Other symptoms experienced by victims of mild traumatic brain injuries include headaches, confusion, fatigue, short temper, anxiety and depression. Individuals who suffer irritability as a result of a brain injury can have their behavior mistaken for general moodiness, which can lead to frustration. Depression can develop in individuals who are experiencing odd behavior as a result of their brain injuries and who are shown no empathy.
Additionally, emotional trauma can result from injuries sustained in an automobile accident. According to some national estimates, approximately nine percent of car accident survivors eventually develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This does not account for other medical conditions that can arise after an automobile accident, including depression, anxiety or certain phobias. Dealing with the emotional trauma of an automobile accident can lead to increased irritability in some individuals. In addition to irritability, there are other emotional symptoms that can arise. Individuals may experience intrusive thoughts, negative moods, dissociative symptoms, and avoidance. Arousal symptoms besides irritability, such as trouble falling asleep and concentration issues, are also symptomatic of emotional trauma after an automobile accident.
Irritability after an automobile accident is a symptom that should be taken seriously. If you suffer from irritability after an automobile accident, it is important to seek help. West Coast Wellness will help you receive the treatment you deserve after an automobile accident. While feelings of irritability can be overwhelming, treatment for your car accident injuries is available and recovery is possible. West Coast Wellness helps patients throughout Southwest Florida deal with symptoms related to car accident injuries. If you are suffering from any symptoms relating to an automobile accident, call us at (941) 210-3969 to discuss your options.
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