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Impaired Concentration After an Automobile Accident

Attention problems or impaired concentration after an automobile accident can be a sign that an individual has suffered a traumatic brain injury. Brain injuries are commonly unnoticed after an automobile accident because physicians and staff often focus on treating visible injuries. Frequently, the symptoms associated with brain injuries can manifest in a variety of ways ranging from headaches and dizziness, to seizures. While some symptoms are immediately noticeable, others can arise days, weeks or even months after an automobile accident. Accordingly, it may take some time before an individual or their family realizes that something is wrong.
Generally, traumatic brain injuries occur as a result of a sudden and violent blow. One type of traumatic brain injury is an open head injury, which occurs when an object penetrates the skull or shatters pieces of the skull. A closed head injury occurs when the brain is injured without any penetration. In an automobile accident, individuals often suffer from closed head injuries when their head strikes something hard inside the vehicle like the windshield or steering wheel.
After a traumatic brain injury, it is common for individuals to have problems with attention, concentration, speech, language, learning, memory, reasoning, planning and problem solving. Individuals who suffer from traumatic brain injuries may be unable to focus, pay attention, or attend to more than one thing at a time. As a result, these individuals may experience restlessness, distractedness, difficulty finishing projects, and problems carrying on long conversations or sitting still.
There can also be problems associated with processing and understanding information after a traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injuries can impair an individual’s ability to process and understand information at a normal pace. Accordingly, individuals who suffer from traumatic brain injuries may find themselves taking longer to grasp what others are saying. Other common problems associated with traumatic brain injuries include difficulty following directions, taking longer to read, having slower reaction times, and being slow in carrying out physical tasks, even routine activities.
After an automobile accident, it is important to address issues related to concentration problems immediately. It is not prudent to assume that these issues will pass with time. Concentration problems may be one of the many other symptoms related to a traumatic brain injury such as trouble sleeping, confusion, anger, irritability, short-term memory problems, coordination problems, anxiety, and depression. If left untreated, these symptoms will negatively impact an individual’s quality of life.
If you are suffering from impaired concentration after an automobile accident, you should discuss your concerns with a medical professional. West Coast Wellness helps patients throughout Southwest Florida with symptoms related to automobile accident injuries. Through treating thousands of patients, Dr. Barr has seen every pain condition respond to his unique chiropractic treatment protocols. Call (941) 210-3969 to discuss your symptoms and get relief for your injuries.
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