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What makes chiropractors so special is that they care about their patient’s whole health, not just what is bothering them that day. Their holistic approach to total wellness ensures that you not only experience relief from the pain you are suffering today, but that you learn how to strategically better your life in general. Better holistic health can improve sleep patterns, maximize nutrition, reduce stress and improve overall range of motion.


Chiropractic professionals understand that the musculoskeletal system consists of rigid and flexible parts designed to move and absorb shock. It is a mechanical system akin to pulleys and levers – but over time, gravity can begin to take its toll, making joints less elastic.  If mobile body parts such as shoulders, hips or ankles become rigid, mobility suffers. Conversely, if the rigid parts of the body – such as the lower back lose their integrity, overall strength and stability will be compromised. 

Did You Know? Most dysfunction in the body is the result of a deviation from its perfect structure. These deviations are caused by age, repetitive movements, and other physical and emotional demands.

A healthy individual is one who learns to “balance the load”; undoing the negative impacts with positive impacts. Two ways to achieve this positive impact are yoga and chiropractic care.   which includes any repetitive strain, with an un-doing of the accumulated impact.

Why Yoga?

Yoga focuses on the concepts of mobility and strength. For instance, hatha yoga pairs breathing and postures, encouraging slow and gentle movements. Iyengar yoga focuses on precise posture alignment, utilizing belts, blocks, and other occupational tools to achieve results without strain or injury. Technique, sequencing and timing are all important to this method. Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga are both considered to be the most physically demanding of the yoga styles,  focusing on continuous flow and movement to build strength in the core and tone muscles.

Yin yoga demands holding postures for up to several minutes, which provides stress on connective tissues and positively impacts mobility. This is a popular style to be utilized by athletes, as it focuses on opening up the mobility key areas of the body such as the hips and trunk.  Restorative yoga features light movements such as gentle twists and forward folds. The goal of this yoga style is to promote alignment, as well as to achieve a calming and revitalization of mind and body.

Yoga and Chiropractic

You may have noticed many similar terms in the practice of yoga, and the implementation of professional chiropractic care. Terms such as alignment, mobility, and range of motion are inherent to both methods of achieving health. They both focus on the overall health of the body. However, if your body has sustained trauma due to a car accident or other injury, you will want to visit your doctor of chiropractic.

Chiropractic treatment will make sure that your neck and back vertebrae, discs and spine are all aligned properly for overall health. Before visiting a yoga studio, you will want to understand the damage your body has endured so that you don’t aggravate it further. Call West Coast Wellness today to schedule an appointment and to better understand what is needed to get your neck and spine back into alignment, and you into better health.

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