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AOMSI Injury Laurel

Car accident?

You could have a 66k neck injury most doctors overlook or misdiagnose

During an accident in Laurel, injury to the head and neck typically results when the neck is forced backwards and then forwards combined with either the downward pressure or upward movement of the head and neck. This type of severe trauma causes damage to the ligaments and supporting structures of the spine known as AOMSI. Unfortunately, while AOMSI is a severe spinal injury, it is routinely misdiagnosed by treating doctors. Dr. Barr at West Coast Wellness has the specialized computer software to diagnose and locate this type of damage. If you are injured in Laurel, West Coast Wellness can help you get the most accurate information about your spine injury. Dr. Barr has both the experience and state of the art equipment to provide you with the most accurate and precise diagnosis concerning AOMSI damage. If you have been injured, contact West Coast Wellness at the numbers below for more information.

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