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Top 9 Causes of Car Accidents

car accidents

Car accidents are a leading cause of injury among Florida residents. As we near tourist season, the North Port area can expect to see increasingly busy roads full of tourists; and this increase in traffic typically precedes an increase in accidents.

There are many causes for car accidents, some mechanical and some circumstantial. Here are the top causes according to statistics:

Top 5 Mechanical Causes of Car Accident

Many car accidents could be avoided if cars were properly maintained. To keep your car as safe as possible on the road, be sure to keep these items checked and working well. 

  • Brakes: Brake pads which need replacement typically screech or scrape when the brake pedal is depressed. Another sign of needed maintenance is if the brake pedal feels soft, slowly sinks to the floor of the car, or the vehicle pulls to one side or another when brakes are employed. 
  • Tires: With normal use, tires should last 5 to 6 years. However, hitting curbs or driving over potholes can weaken the tire, causing it to blow out. Loos or air pressure or worn tread are also signs that your tires need replacing. A worn tire tread cannot grip the road during our Florida rainstorms.
  • Headlights: It is clear why having two functional headlights is necessary to stay safe; night driving and driving through inclement weather is exceptionally hazardous should visibility be compromised. Check both headlights and taillights regularly. 
  • Steering Column: Steering wheels may begin to vibrate at higher speeds, or even lock on occasion. Both situations require maintenance. If the car is pulling to one side or the other, it could be either the steering wheel or the tires. 
  • Windshield Wipers: If you are noticing large areas that are missed by your wipers, or if their usage causes streaks, it is time to replace the wipers. Bad wipers can significantly affect your visibility.

Top 4 Behavioral Causes of Car Accidents

Car accidents happen more frequently due to the person behind the wheel than mechanical issues. Here are the top causes of driver error which cause car accident injury.

  • Distracted Driving: The proliferation of smartphones caused this category to rise significantly, mostly due to texting and driving. However, talking on the phone, eating or drinking, or changing the radio station can also be causes of a distracted driving accident. 
  • Drunk Driving: Laws and societal pressures and awareness have lowered the incidents of drunk driving considerably, but it is still a major cause of car accidents in South Florida.
  • Speeding: Speeding is especially dangerous on wet and crowded roads, and we have plenty of both. Without enough reaction time, speeding can cause serious accidents and significant injury. 
  • Running Red Lights and Stop Signs: Running through these signals is clearly dangerous, as cars traveling in cross traffic are not expecting you to barrel into the intersection. Reckless driving in this manner is the cause of many car accidents, especially when paired with distracted driving. 

Regardless of the reason for the car accident, the impact can often cause serious trauma to the body. Whether whiplash or other related neck and back pain, be sure to call West Coast Wellness after your car accident. Chiropractic care is the most natural, safe and effective way to realign your spine and get back to health after these types of injuries. Don’t wait to relieve your pain. We are open for same-day appointments.

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