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Lower Back Pain After an Automobile Accident

Lower back pain is a commonly reported injury after an automobile accident. The force associated with automobile accidents can be seriously damaging to an individual’s back. Lower back pain can be caused by injury to a muscle, causing a strain, or to a ligament, causing a sprain. If an automobile crashes into something, or something hits an automobile, opposing forces can cause an individual in the car to move in a certain direction. Unfortunately, there is limited room to move in an automobile and eventually something, like a seatbelt, dashboard, or steering wheel, will stop that momentum and generate damaging pressure on the back.

Discomfort, uneasiness and pain felt in the lower back and neck regions after an accident is referred to as discogenic pain. Discogenic pain is a symptom associated with the spinal discs, which are round pieces of cartilage that act as a cushion and help an individual maintain stability while also allowing the spine to move. Discogenic pain can be felt after a sudden trauma, such as an automobile accident. Commonly, individuals who experience discogenic pain will feel it in their lower back, also known as the lumbar area.

After an automobile accident, some individuals will experience lumbar strains. Sprains in the lower back tend to arise after an excessive amount of force is exerted on that region. The physical trauma associated with this type of injury causes the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to stretch. Often, these types of injuries cannot be diagnosed through simple imaging, but through a doctor who can properly diagnose the injury based on the specific symptoms an individual is experiencing.

Disc herniation, also referred to as pinched nerves or slipped discs, can also result as an injury after an automobile accident. Disc herniation injuries are located within the cushion-like discs which separate the vertebrae. Disc herniation occurs when the soft, inner-lining found in the disc protrude through their outer shells. Individuals who experience disc herniation may not feel pain associated with this particular rupture, however, they may begin to feel pain associated with the protruding material affecting the surrounding nerves.

Likewise, spinal stenosis is a commonly reported injury after an automobile accident. Spinal stenosis refers to narrowing found in the bone channel where the spinal cord and spinal nerves are located. While this condition happens naturally in an aging body, it can appear suddenly or can be exacerbated by an automobile accident. Generally, the pain associated with spinal stenosis arises due to a ruptured bone fragment or disc that invades the space of the spinal canal. The pressure generated by the cord and the nerves can cause an individual to experience a great deal of pain.

To properly diagnose the pain associated with the lower back after an automobile accident, it is critical to seek the help of a skilled medical practitioner who can properly diagnose and treat your injuries. Dr. Barr at West Coast Wellness has seen nearly every pain condition related to lower back injuries and has helped people of all ages suffering from these types of injuries eliminate their pain. To learn more about how West Coast Wellness can help you with your lower back injury, call (941) 210-3969.

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